Friday, August 14, 2009

Yet Another update!! 8-14

Well it looks like they are listening a bit we now have another new update!! Of course I am now even more confused the Update on the 13th said changes would take place on the 15th. The update today says changes take affect TODAY! So if I understand this right basic members must earn 2,500 links everyday to post 2 links!!! I have pasted their latest update below!

Reduced points needed to post links

We require Basic members to earn at least 2,500 points everyday to enable access to add more than 2 links to TrafficNowFire for that day.

Earn shares by referring active referrals

Refer others and earn shares for every active referral you refer. Basic members will earn .45 share for each active referral they refer and PRO members will earn 1.50 shares for each active referral they refer.

Earn shares when you purchase advertisements.

Basic members now earn 5 shares everytime they purchase advertising and PRO members earn 15 shares everytime they purchase advertising. This takes effective August 14, 2009.


  1. Well, i think this is trafficnowfire over..shares are not converted, they got no money, they don't respond to us...

  2. So if we are member should we keep at it? I am asking are they still paying out?

  3. no, they don't pay anymore

  4. Well I would like to answer that question. There are still paying some people. I am in contact with a member who has nearly 1500 referrals. He did get a payment Saturday I think. I will ask him to come and post and add his payment proof here too.

    It is clear that for some reason they are short on funds and it could be that the script in the beginning was not very good. I can speak from personal experience, there are a ton of cheaters out there that can find holes is a script and steal money they did not earn.

    Everyone remember the link spammer? That person could post 100's of sponsor links and we all know they were cheating because even a Pro member can only post 22 links per day.

    My gut is that the Admin truly want to have a good program, I think they underestimated the number of cheaters that are in the world and had to pay a pretty penny to improve the script.

    Just my Opinion

  5. Hello, i got paid last sunday, but i have waited about a week for about $20. I have lots of referrals. But the main problem is, that our referrals upgrades cash don't go to our "availible commissions", they go to "referral earnings" and that money we cannot withdraw. I have over $20 i cannot withdraw - so..either they don't know about that bug, or they make fools from us. Anyway, since $20 is not small cash(5 upgrades), i have send support ticket, and guess what...i didn't got answer back !! So, my $20 is on "referral commisions" i cannot withdraw..

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