Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Can Anyone Keep up?

Hmmmm well I think we have had what 4 Major program changes? Well it does look like they listened a bit and they lowered the number of required clicks and also the number of points to convert points to shares. O f course at share prices of .01 neither of those things matter much. I am still keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that admin at TrafficNowFire will pay attention to us as members both clickers and advertisers.

They don't seem to understand that none of us are clicking for fun! There are too many other places where each click earns us sometimes as much as .05 like at Clixsense now granted most clicks are only .01 but hey we have to click how many times to earn .01 at Traffic Now?

I sent them an email when they sent out their 1st major update and told them that they needed to look at what the other PTC sites were paying per click.

Here is their response:
"Hello, thank you for your suggestions and concerns. Please understand that we are not like the typical paid to click/surf programs as they do not offer as much free advertising methods as we do along while paying members as we feel we are a traffic exchange they has revenue share and referral commissions. We do not wish to target just the earning perspective of our program but also for members to get the best traffic. We are still growing daily and we are building and focusing on ways to make sure that the PRO members AND the most active members get the best advertising and earnings."

Well its pretty clear They really have no idea what business they are in. How many traffic Exchange programs give you 1 website visitor for every two site you visit? Maybe a few 100? Revenue Share?
hmmmm I'm not "sharing" in the revenue are you?

Friday, August 14, 2009

Yet Another update!! 8-14

Well it looks like they are listening a bit we now have another new update!! Of course I am now even more confused the Update on the 13th said changes would take place on the 15th. The update today says changes take affect TODAY! So if I understand this right basic members must earn 2,500 links everyday to post 2 links!!! I have pasted their latest update below!

Reduced points needed to post links

We require Basic members to earn at least 2,500 points everyday to enable access to add more than 2 links to TrafficNowFire for that day.

Earn shares by referring active referrals

Refer others and earn shares for every active referral you refer. Basic members will earn .45 share for each active referral they refer and PRO members will earn 1.50 shares for each active referral they refer.

Earn shares when you purchase advertisements.

Basic members now earn 5 shares everytime they purchase advertising and PRO members earn 15 shares everytime they purchase advertising. This takes effective August 14, 2009.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

TrafficNowFire Changes & Comments

Traffic Now Fire

I have been a very active member of Traffic Now Fire almost since they started I have 194 referrals and up until the last week had always been a Pro member.

TrafficNow's Email that was sent today 8-13-09 about changes that will take place in just 2 days have me a bit perplexed and not seeing the logic in the latest changes to this program.

My hope with this blog is that the members of TrafficNowFire will voice what they like and dislike about the program and maybe we can get Traffic Now Fire to listen to us and make it the program that I know it could be.

Right now I will not post my personal opinions but will be happy to share the emails I have sent and the responses I have gotten back via email.

I don't want to sway this blog so that everyone supports my views but I have a feeling that many of the same ideas, suggestions, and concerns will be expressed.

I have already told TrafficNow Fire that I am doing this blog and will invite them to read the comments. Please make you opinions known.